How Much You Need To Expect You'll Pay For A Good driving range netting installation

Driving strategies SUGGESTIONS FOR Inexpensive Procedure Your car or truck's gasoline economic system relies upon • Never make use of the air conditioner • Open up Home windows at substantial speeds can primarily in your form of driving, in which unnecessarily. reduce gas economic system. you travel and whenever you generate. •...

• Right after modifying, press the tion of EPS procedure is detected by steering wheel each up and Kia dealer. self-diagnosis. right down to be specific it is locked in position.

Being aware of your car Energy Home windows (if Outfitted) CAUTION WARNING The ignition swap have to be in the ON • To circumvent the facility window • Make sure heads and arms placement for energy Home windows to oper- system from the potential of are properly away from just how ate.

Knowing your auto WARNING Make certain the headrest locks in posture right after modifying it to good- ly guards the occupants. OJB020045 OJB020046 Modifying the height up and down Removing (if Outfitted) (if Geared up) To get rid of the headrest, elevate it as far as To boost the headrest, pull it up on the it could go then press the release button wanted posture (1).

Knowing your vehicle Exterior rearview mirror heater Day/night rearview mirror (if Geared up) Adjust the rearview mirror to Middle The skin rearview mirror heater is within the view through the rear window. actuated in reference to the rear Make this adjustment prior to deciding to window defroster.

Driving ideas Clean cornering Driving during the night WARNING - Spinning tires Avoid braking or gear transforming in Due to the fact night time driving presents much more Do not spin the wheels, espe- corners, especially when roads are dangers than driving within the daylight, cially at speeds much more than 56 soaked.

• Last but not least, Check out Each and every section If your gas If The sunshine is turned on, acquire is leaking. your vehicle into the authorized Kia read more supplier and also have drain the water and checked the procedure. OED076009 Extracting air from the fuel filter Warning (one.6L Diesel engine)

Driving your automobile OED046060 Mode range button The method range button controls the way in the air move in the ventilation method.

Upkeep ENGINE OIL 4. Pull the dipstick out, wipe it cleanse, and re-insert it absolutely. WARNING Radiator hose Be extremely watchful not to straight from the source touch the radiator hose when examining or introducing the motor oil as it may be hot enough to burn off you. 5.

Recognizing your motor vehicle OED036081/OED036041/OED036042 Air bag warning label Air bag warning label is connected to warn driver and travellers of probable hazard of air bag process.

Driving your car or truck Defogging logic Automatic climate Manage system To decrease the likelihood of fogging Manual climate control program up inside the windshield, the air To reduce the likelihood of fogging consumption Handle is set to outdoors (refreshing) up the inside of your windshield, the air situation immediately if any of fol- air intake Command is ready to the outside lowing happen.

Figuring out your vehicle OED036099 OED036100 OED036101 Air bag non-inflation situations • Air luggage may well not inflate in rear col- • Entrance air luggage may not inflate in lisions, due to the fact occupants are facet impression collision, because • In collisions, the automobile seat belts moved backward by the pressure of occupants go to your path of are adequate to shield the car...

Recognizing your motor vehicle (Continued) (Ongoing) • Since a seat belt or child • Generally Be sure that the restraint program can become shoulder belt portion of the incredibly sizzling whether it is still left inside a shut outboard lap/shoulder belt is visit the website motor vehicle, be sure to Test the positioned halfway above the seat cover and buckles ahead of...

In case of an emergency Emergency towing precau- Tips for towing a stuck vehicle Warning tions The subsequent approaches are efficient If the car is being towed with all • Convert the ignition switch to ACC so when your automobile is trapped in mud, 4 wheels on the ground, it sand or equivalent substances that pre- the steering wheel isn’t locked.

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